Put Me Back in the Sunshine

by Ancient Babies

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Karl Ward
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Karl Ward Here--put this disco ball on your head, don't ask why. Good! Now, ask yourself: what if "Wooly Bully" had been a euro synth jam? I know, right? Favorite track: You Didn't Know Me.
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Na5 05:22
It’s the miracle child on the miracle mile. He was quiet and mild til your words turned him wild. He’s the miracle boy with the miracle toy. He is gonna destroy all your comfortable ways. Fix you under his gaze. Drag you out of your haze. Lift you out of the maze. He will teach you to fly, Live in the sky. Na na na na na, na na na na na na. When I’m up on the stage all the people start screaming. They remember the day they forgot to start dreaming. As I’m spittin’ the truth all the ladies start crying. They’re aware that their youth and potential are dying. We’re the fortunate few. We got something to do. We got something to say. We will show you the way. Take you away. Na na na na na, na na na na na na. When I beat on the snare it is like an explosion People share their despair in a rare male emotion. When I hit the guitar ladies rise to the ceiling Like a gift from the stars, a horizon of feeling. We’re the dreamers who dare. We’re the suckers who care. We will never give in. We won’t stop til we win. We got demons to spare. We are hyperaware. Lift you out of your chair. Knock you right down the stairs. We have barely begun. Gonna shine like the sun. Blow your mind like a star when you learn who you are. Take you so far! The sound we play will show you the way. Just close your eyes and let your body sway. Come fly with us today. The you you were’s still living inside. So see the show, forget the things you know: our words make you wise. You’re gonna be a new kind of wise. And soon you’ll see with different eyes what’s real. We’ll show you how to feel. The song we sing is healing the world. The time has come to know the truth, To free yourself, to feel your youth. To help the old world disappear, To steer to the shining frontier, Be what you fear. Cast your eyes to the stage. We’re reflecting your rage. Dreams ‘ll never get cold. They were made for the bold. Feel the rumble inside. It will never subside. Push you on to the train. Drive it into your brain. We are shining a light. We are splitting the night. We are ending the fright. We will not be polite. We’re defining the fight. See us ignite. Na na na na na, na na na na na na.
The kick drum is beating right into my brain. The singer is bleating a silly refrain. I thought I'd be meeting that girl from the train, But the hook is repeating again and again. The club is full of vampires. The music's too damn loud. I need to get myself out of this crowd. Get me out of this party. I don't know how to dance here. What happened to dancing and sensitive speech And courtly romancing and nights on the beach? Of fine conversation and dinner for two, The art of flirtation and love that is true? We jerk around like robots. We're atoms on the floor. We've turned into the people we'd ignore. Get me out of this party. I don't know how to dance here.
My heart was full of doubt ‘cause you didn’t know me. You said we’d work it out but you didn’t know me. You were so certain. Couldn’t see me pulling the curtain. And now the love is gone ‘cause you didn’t know me. You said that you’d be mine but you didn’t know me. I held a warning sign ‘cause you didn’t know me. Hiding my feelings Didn’t mean to leave you reeling. And now you're going home ‘cause you didn’t know me. You said you'd change me but I knew you couldn't do it. What I could put you through, i guess I put you through it. And I’m so sorry. I tried to warn you but you couldn't hear. I was sincere. I held my feelings back so you didn’t know me. You said we’re right on track but you didn’t know me. You were contented. Now it’s done and I can’t defend it. It’s not what I intended but you didn’t know me. You should have listened to that little voice inside you. I couldn’t open up my heart although I tried to. It wasn't easy. Love for you was beautiful and free. That wasn’t me. And now we’re falling. Falling like there is no bottom. I hear you calling. Never touch the ground. And now there’s nothing. Nothing since you left without a sound. The story’s over. Turn the lights off, close the curtain. I didn’t know her. Hide away the sun. Were we pretending? Shut the book and throw the flowers away. You thought I was the one. Throw away the sun. It was so easy. Everything you did seemed to please me. And now this song is done ‘cause you didn’t know me.
Walk walk walk through the fire and the rain, Darkness on your shoulder. Hurt so much but you never complain. When will this be over? The power lives in you. It’s in everything that you do. Open the door. That’s what it’s for. Put me back in the sunshine Because we belong there. Put me back in the sunshine We will be strong there. Trapped in here, there is nothing but fear. Feeling so defenseless. Knocked off track. Takes a year to get back. Every night is endless. You’re lying on the ground. Let me show you what I’ve found. Look to the core. Look, there’s some more. Put me back in the sunshine Let me remind you. Put me back in the sunshine Wait til it finds you. Put me back in the sunshine When you can’t see it. Put me back in the sunshine Then you can be it. Sometimes you can’t see at all. Life can build these walls so very high. Look to the sky. When there's no one left to care, When the lonely shadows have found you, Raise your head up if you dare Dry your eyes, get up, look around you. Past your fright, Through the fields beyond the night. Now you know. You’re aware. Turn the corner and it’s there. When your hope is slowly fading, Then the light is always waiting. See it shine. Put me back in the sunshine Let me remind you Put me back in the sunshine Right there behind you Put me back in the sunshine Just past the morning Put me back in the sunshine It's what I was born in.
Get on board or get out of the way. The train is leaving, and it’s leaving today. Change is coming. No one can deny it. The truth is here and you know it’ll stay. Freedom’s come. Join the fun. Watch us and learn as we build tomorrow. Now it’s your turn to follow as we roll. Rolling like the river. Oh, rolling like the river. You scream and fight. I just gotta laugh. You’re writing your own epitaph. You’re just a pygmy who thinks that he’s a giant. You’re outnumbered. Just do the math. It’s down the track. Don’t look back. From Tulsa to Oakland, the people have spoken. Your little spell has broken as we roll. Rolling like the river. Oh, rolling like the river. And when you close your eyes, the universe is glowing. And if you listen you can hear the water flowing. Jump in. Climb on board. Grab an oar or a sword. Let it pour. Be restored. Rolling like the river. Oh, rolling like the river.


released March 2, 2018

recorded by Ben in a house in Montclair, NJ
produced by Bryan Russell at Red Wire Audio in Nashville
artwork by Bruce Hanson
mastered by Alex Saltz at APS Mastering


all rights reserved



Ancient Babies New Jersey

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